Futuristic concept car BMW i-3/60 °

March 23, 2015 at 22:15

Futuristic concept car BMW i-3/60 ° allows creating an exclusive body design.
Modern car manufacturers offer only a small number of modifications of the body, but the layered structure of BMW i-3/60 ° in the near future will create an exclusive design of the car, printing details of the 3D-printer.

BMW i-3 60 ° picture

BMW i-3 60 ° pics

The concept, developed by Han Yong-Fei, a futuristic car design with elements recognizable BMW. On the triple sports coupe hybrid engine installed, maximum friendly to the environment.

BMW i-3 60 ° pics

BMW i-3 60 ° image

All instances of i-3/60 ° will have the same “skeletons”, but the other elements of the body will be established in accordance with the desire of the buyer. “Print” the 3D-printer lights, fenders, mirrors and other details underline the exclusivity of each car.

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