Ferrari has presented the car of the future for Formula-1

August 29, 2015 at 15:56

Ferrari Formula-1 team has published conceptual images of the car, showing might look like race cars of the future. Renders came on the eve of the World Cup committee meeting in Geneva, which will discuss new rules aimed at creating a more powerful and beautiful cars for the season 2016.

Ferrari Formula-1 picture

Ferrari Formula-1 pics

The concept was developed by designers of Ferrari in cooperation with the aerodynamic department Formula 1 team. As a result, the car, even futuristic appearance, still meets basic technical requirements applicable to the current race car.

Ferrari Formula-1 pics

Ferrari Formula-1 image

It clarifies the Autosport Concept Ferrari is a response team on the design works McLaren and Red Bull, already showed a strategic group of the Formula 1 cars their vision of the future. Images of cars not yet been published, but it is assumed that they do not look as futuristic as the Italian car stable.
The car for the 2015 season the Ferrari team showed at the end of January. The car retained the old red and black paint, but received a new nose cone and the Alfa Romeo emblem on the front.

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