Concept of wedged supercar from Lamborghini

December 8, 2014 at 19:05

Aggressive, muscular and sleek supercar – these are the prototype of a new car Lamborghini, whose creators were inspired by the concepts of the wedge-shaped cars of the last century.
Wedge-shaped supercars brand Italdesign, Bertone and Pininfarina have become a real breakthrough in 1960, ahead of time for many decades. It would seem that such a concept design of car bodies is gone, but the designers of the world famous car manufacturer Lamborghini proved its viability by submitting a concept car “Ganador”. However, previously appeared at the Geneva the Motor model of the new supercar Lamborghini Huracan is too close to the wedge shape.

 Lamborghini Ganador concept  picture

Lamborghini Ganador concept pics

Inspirer of ideas wedge supercar from Lamborghini – Mohammad Hossein Amini Yekta for which this project was the final work in the Polytechnic School of Design SPD. According to the designer, he wanted to create an embodiment of classical values Lamborghini, and therefore tried to simplify virtually every line of cars.

 Lamborghini Ganador concept  pics

Lamborghini Ganador concept picture

Ganador concept vaguely reminiscent aggressive predatory silhouettes of classic cars like Alfa Romeo Carabo, Lancia Stratos Zero and the Dome Zero. But the highlight of the special Lamborghini Ganador became clear line on the body, separating sharp “as crystal” features the top of the car and classic sports cars to powerful bottom.

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