Concept car-transformer Duality: sports car and SUV in one body

April 7, 2015 at 16:19

Few sports cars boast high traffic, exactly as bulky SUVs – high speed. Concept car-transformer Duality blurs the line between super car and SUV: the special design of the chassis allows it to overcome any obstacles and reach high speeds on the highway.

car-transformer Duality pics

car-transformer Duality image

Conceived, created by Fernando Machado, in a moment of a sports car capable of transforming into an SUV with the help of a special suspension system and wheels, consisting of two halves: the inside – for asphalt and external – off-road. In addition, this system will allow easier and faster changing a tire.

car-transformer Duality picture

car-transformer Duality pics

Duality has four electric motors built into the wheel. The car is also equipped with an autopilot system. Inside, there are two comfortable chairs and folding dashboard. The concept was created for the annual competition Michelin Design Challenge.