Concept car NEURON: reading thoughts

January 11, 2015 at 13:58

Art of driving the car depends on the reaction speed and precise movements of arms and legs. Concept car NEURON is able literally to read the thoughts of the driver and knowing its characteristics and preferences, helping him to operate the machine.
“Reach for the stars. And if not the stars, you will at least get the star-dust.” Well, this proverb might soon be real.
Neuron Concept vehicle was designed for the Vehicle Design course by Ian Kettle, a graduate from the Royal College of Art during his final project for his graduation. He considers that everything, what was shown in Hollywood may become real in a very short time. This work won the first place for him in the Worshipful Company of Carmen Transport Design Award.

Concept car NEURON pics

Concept car NEURON image

The Neuron Concept vehicle has been based on advanced Brain Machine Interface (BMI) techniques. It attempts to explore the implications of integrating the Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) technology into automobile designing, both for designing as well as construction purposes.

Concept car NEURON pics

Concept car NEURON picture

Before this such car could be seen only in sci-fi movies. The Neuron Concept would thereby attempt creating a car, which could possibly be considered as an “extension of the self”, and which, if successful, could possibly make the traditional vehicular designs probably redundant.