Concept car Mercedes-Benz Capsule

April 26, 2015 at 18:32

Concept car Mercedes-Benz Capsule looks like it came to Earth from another planet. Balancing on the intersection of classic and futuristic design, hatchback certainly will attract those who have not been able to carry out a childhood dream to become an astronaut.

Mercedes-Benz Capsule picture

Mercedes-Benz Capsule pics

The car, designed by Jason Chen, has a truly incredible appearance. Design rounded cab Capsule is derived from the old propeller planes, and the chassis – from the Mars rovers NASA.

Mercedes-Benz Capsule picture

Mercedes-Benz Capsule image

However, it not only affects appearance, but also an abundance of advanced technologies. Each wheel is equipped with a built-in independent electric motor for improved handling on the road, and the car is powered by solar panels on the chassis.

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