Concept Car Flake by Da Feng

May 23, 2015 at 16:39

These issues are certainly occasionally asks himself each. What awaits us in the future, say in 20-30 years? What we will be how to change our world, which made our children? And most importantly, it will give us new modern super technologies that are developed and improved every day?

Concept Car Flake picture

Concept Car Flake pics

Perhaps we will be able to see with their own eyes how stylish and fashionable fans dissect speed of baggy smooth tracks of the future on the amazing supercar Flake, covered with scales, which invented Da Feng, the designer?

Concept Car Flake pics

Concept Car Flake image

And surprisingly, this concept is called that way not only because it looks so, if it is “painted” with a lizard or a crocodile. No, the scales do not mean that the author compares his brainchild to amphibians – are these scales on the body. When you need to cool the car while driving, as well as help the car to slow down, it can be getting up from the left or right side, thereby creating a drag.

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