Concept car Bentley Tailor Made

March 13, 2015 at 13:00

Bentley cars have always been particularly elegant, but some of their concepts stand out. For example, Bentley Tailor Made, a body which was created only six parts, offers a truly unique and inimitable style.

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Designer concept Kyungeun Ko argues that Bentley Tailor Made is a unique vehicles produced in a single copy. The first models of the concept he made of paper, as according to him, the paper provides the ability to easily create the desired shape.

Bentley Tailor Made pics

Bentley Tailor Made picture

With the help of technology Robofold, cut from sheets of aluminum parts are bent and then bonded together to form a durable and perfectly smooth body. Comfortable seating, located in separate cabins, covered with a layer techno gel and skin.

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