Chimeric tourist concept car Monoform

December 28, 2014 at 14:42

In the actual modern life vehicles have become an integral part of the city, and therefore should be in harmony with the surrounding space. Futuristic concept car was created by MONOFORM to passersby paid attention to the masterpieces of architecture, reflected in its mirror surface… Concept designer Fernando Ocaña destroys common understanding of the design of the car, because MONOFORM is not just a means of transportation. According to the creator, the car is a definite leader among tourists and attractions. Drawing attention to the unusual car, tourists probably immediately see reflections of buildings in its windows.
Despite its bizarre shape, the car can accommodate three adults who will be able to look at the world from such a bizarre car and admire the surrounding beauty.

tourist concept car Monoform image

tourist concept car Monoform pics

When you get bored of the look out the window, you can sit in a comfortable seat, turn on the TV, watch video updates, and listen to pleasant music. And in the cabin there is a unique microclimate system, access to a worldwide network – in short, everything for a full relaxation.

tourist concept car Monoform pics

tourist concept car Monoform picture

It is expected that in the near future these machines will run on tourist routes in major cities.

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