BMW presented i8 concept without mirrors

August 12, 2016 at 23:01

On the street in full swing 21st century, and cars still drive with bolted to the sides of their pieces of mirrors. BMW has finally decided to end this archaic and presented conceptual vision.
Their i8 Mirrorless concept, shown in electronics the Consumer Electronics Show, instead of the usual mirrors got a couple of cameras on the aerodynamic holders. There is also a third camera mounted on top of the rear window.

BMW i8 picture

BMW i8 pics

Picture from all three cameras is combined and displayed on the screen with high resolution, which replaced the traditional salon rearview mirror.

BMW i8 pics

BMW i8 image

This will not only improve the view, but also improve the security. After the on-screen electronics can, for example, “light up” cars, which is dangerously close behind. Another advantage of this solution is to reduce aerodynamic drag, because the cameras are considerably fewer mirrors.

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