Bertone Nuccio Concept Vehicle of 2012

January 10, 2013 at 09:31

To his 100th anniversary great and very prominent company Bertone has prepared a conceptcar that was named Bertone Nuccio (interestingly enough, Nuccio is a nickname of the founder’s son car studio). In the first sketches the car is finished in black and orange colors and it was presented in a single line of the windshield, roof, trunk and the bonnet which hides a 4.3-liter V8 with the total power output of 480 horsepower.

2012 Bertone Nuccio

2012 Bertone Nuccio Concept Car Photo

Special wings were added from the very front of the vehicle, following the whole body of the car and till its back. Continuing the theme of continuity the LED lamps are also connected in a very creative way from the front and with the rear optics.

2012 Bertone Nuccio

2012 Bertone Nuccio Concept Car Pic

A little later, there was a down-to-earth sketch. Inside, there were placed anatomic seats, and instead of rear window behind the seats showed up … 26-inch screen, transmitting a picture of a rear view camera. Suddenly in the front appeared usual “eyes,” and a symbol of practicality laid down on the windshield – a window-cleaner. Interesting of all, perhaps, were the air intakes, why limit a pair of large “holes” where you can cut a whole in the back of their placer? Beautiful and practical: with the help of the front bumper, if necessary, you can grate beets.

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