2040s Concept Car Tata eMo

August 11, 2012 at 09:07

The company Tata Technologies Limited, one of the many subsidiaries of Tata, specializes in several activities, including automotive engineering and design. And recently, the Indians have proved that they are able to build their own electric car. Such, for instance, is the new Tata eMO EV concept. It is a fully electric car, of course, not for a serial production, and is unlikely to be so in future. Though this car perfectly demonstrates the potential of the company and, incidentally, is a finalist in design competition of Michelin Challenge Design.

Tata eMO EV Photo

Tata eMO EV Image

This car, as said by the producers, represents their vision of how a true futuristic car from year 2046 should look like. The expected value of this concept is about $20,000. Though we don’t really know how this number was calculated, as it seems very unrealistic. Steering is done by the Electric Power system and the brakes (front – disc, rear – drums) have special anti-lock system. Conceptual electric car presented at the latest Detroit Auto Show, and its very unusual looks have amazed evyrone. The creators emphasized that, despite the compact exterior, that it is quite a roomy car and thanks to folding rear seat cushions it is so without a number of separate luggage compartment.

Tata eMO EV Interior Photo

Tata eMO EV Interior Photo