Concept Suzuki Feel Free Go!

July 20, 2016 at 23:56

Motorcycles have a lot to do with bicycles, while the first motorcycles were basically motorized bicycles. The Suzuki company decided to create a modern hybrid of motorcycle and bicycle, which was named «Feel Free Go!». The novelty was presented at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Suzuki Feel Free Go! picture

Suzuki Feel Free Go! pics

The concept is painted in the colors of punning, but is closely linked with the history of the brand. The name «Feel Free Go!». Actually refers to the first motorcycle Suzuki Power Free, which was a bicycle with a 36 cc 2-stroke engine. On the other hand, Suzuki Feel Free Go! is not a bicycle or moped as technically have no concept of the pedals, although the exterior design hints.

Suzuki Feel Free Go! pics

Suzuki Feel Free Go! image

The driver puts his feet on the footrests, while the 50-cc engine provides plenty of power for movement. At the rear wheel torque is transmitted through a belt transmission.
On the other hand, we see you bike chassis handbrakes, thin frame, thin wheels, bicycle gear change.

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